Mac's Recycling & the Environment

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Mac's Recycling is located in Mission BC Canada


Choose Mac's Recycling for your recycling and scrap metal removal needs, and make the right environmentally responsible choice.

Mac's Recycling is an environmentally friendly company, concerned with ensuring all metals and vehicle chemical wastes are disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

Several toxic substances, such as mercury, are used in different functions in your vehicle. That's why we take the necessary steps to dispose of vehicles oils and waste using safe environmental waste disposal services in our company. We can assure you that any chemicals from scrap cars we pick up will not leak into the environment! Our rigid and effective environmental safety procedures ensure this.

In addition to our environmental programs, Mac's Towing also ensures all usable parts of a scrap vehicle are re-used.

We can donate running used or scrap condition vehicles to local charitable organizations, and we can dismantle a used or scrap vehicle so that it's steel and other metal parts can be re-used to make new vehicles... We literally RECYCLE vehicles!